Global payables

Simplify processes by making paper-based and electronic domestic and international payments quickly and easily. Using our global payables solutions, you will be able to manage expenses and payments more effectively, while also minimising your exposure to payment fraud. Reconciliation is also faster, which can help further streamline payments management.

Bahrain Electronic Funds Transfer System

The Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) is a national electronic payments and transactions system that interconnects all retail banks in Bahrain, their customers (Retail and Corporate) and Bill Originators.

Clearing and foreign currency payments

Optimise your working capital and make transactions in local and foreign currencies more efficiently by using HSBC’s payment and account solutions. With flexible transaction processing, versatile account structures, robust reporting and direct access to a suite of foreign currency services, you can validate transaction details online, receive transaction confirmation immediately and customise payment templates to reduce errors in recurring transactions.

Treasury APIs

Innovative solutions for cash management


Gain more control over incoming and outgoing cash flows. Getting funds in sooner, and holding on to them longer, is critical for maintaining a healthy cash flow. That’s why HSBC focuses on streamlining domestic and foreign payments and collections with our end-to-end global disbursements and receivables services. The improved efficiency and enhanced visibility lead to more accurate forecasting – helping you lower the overall cost of doing business while also potentially strengthening supplier and customer relationships. Plus, our flexible liquidity solutions work seamlessly with your existing processes to ensure you are making the best use of available balances.

HSBC Purchasing Card

A complete solution to simplify corporate procurement

HSBC Corporate Card

Simple management of the everyday

Online Management and Reporting

Control and visibility with powerful online management and reporting platform

HSBC Virtual Card

The versatile plastic-free corporate payment solution

HSBC Commercial Card Solutions

A choice of card payment options and reporting tools tailored to your individual business needs.

HSBC Central Travel Account

Centralised travel payments and reporting