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Control and visibility with powerful online management and reporting platform

Easily manage cardholders and their spending in real time with HSBC’s powerful online management platforms MiVision and Smart Data, giving you the control and insight to better monitor costs and maximize efficiency.

HSBC MiVision

With powerful reporting abilities HSBC MiVision gives you visibility and control over your business spend, management of your cards - supporting your digital payments transformation and working capital management.

Smart Data and Virtual Cards Online Portal

Developed by Mastercard, Smart Data and Virtual Cards Online Portal are web-based management and reporting solutions to integrate with your expense management systems.

Easy cardholder management and control

  • Easy access for cardholders and company administrators
  • Centralised programme-level management of cardholders and spend patterns
  • Manage cards in real-time including credit-limit changes, temporary blocks, report lost/stolen, order card replacements
  • Apply for new cards and onboard new users
  • Manage credit limits
  • View your card’s transactions in real time to help manage your spending and behaviour
  • Ideal for cardholders and administrators to view card-level transactions, reporting, payments and limits.
  • Exportable data to feed your existing accounting, ERP or EMS systems.

Programme management and reporting

  • Centralised transactions and payments data, with real-time data and managed permissions for cardholders and administrators
  • Generate standardised or customised reporting to identify cash flow efficiencies and inform better working capital
  • Comprehensive reporting abilities to monitor spending, policy compliance and outgoing payments
  • Reduced time and costs for payment processing compared to traditional manual accounts payable processes
  • Exportable data to feed your existing accounting, ERP or EMS systems

Choose from three integration options:

  • Web-based portal - Using a web based portal accessible anywhere, build approval workflows into each virtual card generation.
  • Batch payment - upload or automatically send us a batch file from ERP, e-procurement, accounts payable or financial system.
  • API payment - use your existing e-procurement platform to order goods and services directly integrated into our virtual card platform.

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