Cut-off times

Application type
Customer Submission time

Telegraphic transfers

USD and other foreign currencies (Sunday only)

10:30 am

USD (Monday to Thursday)

11:30 am

Other foreign currencies (Monday to Thursday)

12:00 pm

BHD (Sunday to Thursday)

1:30 pm

Salaries “FUSA” ( File Upload Signature Authorization)


10:00 am

Standing instructions

Two days before the due date of the SI

Internal transfers between accounts

HSBC accountholders only (BHD)

2:00 pm

HSBC accountholders only (others)

12:30 pm

Closing of an account

12:00 pm

Time deposit transactions

12:30 pm


  1. Bahrain Standard Time - All times mentioned are Bahrain local times. The cut-off times provided above are only applicable to HSBC Corporate holding accounts with HSBC Bahrain.
  2. Inward & Outward Cut-offs - Cut-off times refer to both outward and inward transactions via the electronic banking channels including HSBCnet, Connect and SWIFT.
  3. The term working day means the usual working days of the country from where funds are remitted as well as the country of the remittance currency. Working days will exclude the weekends of the specific countries and other holidays such as public, bank and statutory holidays.
  4. USD Holiday - Please note that HSBC will not process any cross-currency payments (transactions with FX) on any day that is declared a USD currency holiday, such payments will be processed on the next working day.
  5. STP Payments

    STP refers to Straight Through Processing of payments via electronic banking channels.

    The value date given to an STP transaction is subject to the cut-off time and completeness of the instruction. Instructions received after the cut-off times or incomplete instructions will be valued the next working day.

  6. Non-STP Payments
    • Non-STP refers to payment instructions that need repair and are received via the electronic/digital banking channels. Examples of reasons for repair may include, but are not limited to, incorrect formatting of payment instructions, incomplete payment information or insufficient funds in an account.
    • Payment formatting issues may delay payment processing or lead to the payment not being processed.
    • Purpose of Payment requirements – To ensure your payments are processed, please ensure that the purpose of payment is provided within the payment instructions in the appropriate field.
  7. Stop Payments/Cancellations/Amendments/Recalls
    • Cut-off for Payment Stop/Cancellation/Amendment Any request must be received before 4pm on the working day prior to the value date. Any requests to stop/cancel/amend payments received with less than 1 working days’ notice, will be on a reasonable effort basis only.
    • Payment Amendments Please note that HSBC does not accept amendments to payment instructions that materially alter the original payment instruction. Should a material alteration (change of beneficiary bank, name or account, payment amount, destination country or remit currency etc) be required to a payment, you should request a cancellation via appropriate channels i.e. HSBCnet Message Center and notify your service manager on email (for Corporate customers) or MT192 or MT292 messages (for Financial Institution customers) and issue a fresh payment instruction.
    • Payment recall If the payment has already been released by HSBC and it is with the beneficiary bank or their agent, we can recall the payment instruction on your behalf. It is at the sole discretion of the beneficiary / beneficiary bank to return the payment. If funds are already credited to the beneficiary, the beneficiary bank may need to obtain a debit authorization from the beneficiary to process the return. Please note that additional charges and Foreign Exchange rates may apply.

Should you require further clarification on the above-mentioned cut-off times, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on +973 1756 9999 or via email on

*Subject to all application/instructions are submitted with complete information/documentations.

Current as of November 2023 – Currency Clearing, Global Payment Solutions.

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