Cut-off times

Application type
Customer Submission time

Telegraphic transfers

USD and other foreign currencies (Sunday only)

10:30 am

USD (Monday to Thursday)

11:30 am

Other foreign currencies (Monday to Thursday)

12:00 pm

BHD (Sunday to Thursday)

11:30 am

Salaries “FUSA” ( File Upload Signature Authorization)


10:00 am

Standing instructions

Two days before the due date for the S/I

Internal transfers between accounts

HSBC accountholders only (BHD)

2:00 pm

HSBC accountholders only (others)

12:30 pm

Closing of an account

12:00 pm

Time deposit transactions

12:30 pm

Should you require further clarification on the above-mentioned cut-off times, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at +973 1756 9999 or via email on

*Subject that all application/instructions are submitted with complete information/documentations.

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