Delivery Hero: Transforming Visibility

Delivery Hero was founded in 2010 and saw exceptional growth over the next seven years, culminating in a successful IPO in 2017. At that point, the company decided to strengthen its treasury team and improve the centralised visibility and control of its various business entities' bank accounts. In MENA, this has resulted in a rapidly expanding relationship with HSBC, involving bank account rationalisation and the implementation of HSBCnet, both of which are already starting to deliver important benefits.

Treasury APIs

Innovative solutions for cash management

Noor Adhami: Tracking MENA's digital transformation

Even though paper-based processes are still extensively used across the MENAT, there are clear signs that a digital transformation is well underway

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HSBCnet brings you powerful,intuitive online tools that help you manage even your most complex banking needs.

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Solutions designed to manage your business expenses at all levels


HSBC’s Integrated Payments Solutions (IPS) cover the entire spectrum of your payments requirements globally.

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